Please add the possibilty of saving your game and restart when you die from the last saving point. There are game folks that like to restart over and over again from scratch but that dicision should be everybodys on so please add this an option thats allows you to activate saving during the game restart from last saving point.



Ok, as i get an answer on my google play comment i understand now why it isnt possible. TOP SUPPORT and REALLY FAST after 5 min i got an answer!!!! thanks for that good explanation on google play. Didnt find the close button Tongue

greets Captain Kingben


Greetings Kingben!

You're awesome, thank you for being so understanding! May your adventures in the Battlestation universe be victorious!

Oh and please rate the game good if you like it, it will help us make more of these games and more content to Harbinger Smile

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