Quick Patch Available For Alpha 7 - Version 0.8.5, 0.8.6


[Image: du3ePOM.jpg]

Space Haven Alpha 6 - The Ship-to-Ship Battles Update Quick Patch.

  • Added some of the missing translations.
  • Fixed a problem with derelict ships where no doors existed to the hallway.
  • Fixed a problem with smaller aliens getting stuck on empty space next to floor.
  • Fixed bug with crew not moving corpses off derelicts.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Fixed a crash when canceling rebuild.
Use the in-game update in main menu to get the latest version. Be sure to check known bugs in the bug report menu before you submit Smile

Bugs are best submitted through the in-game bug report menu, which can be accessed quickly by pressing F11 when playing. Please check known bugs in the same menu before submitting, and please use the feature with consideration.

[Image: bZ3vevw.png]

Want to join in on Alpha? Read more and get it at: http://bugbyte.fi/spacehaven
Register to not miss the official release: http://bugbyte.fi/register

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