DevBlog #36 - Space Haven Alpha 8 - The Build Menu Overhaul.

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[Image: SlfUuNf.png]

Alpha 8 comes as a smaller update focused on the Build Menu. We've spent a few weeks improving it and making it easier to use, easier to find facilities and utilizing different resolutions in a better way.

For those who have been playing the Alpha for some time already it might take a little time to get accustomed to the new build menu, but once that happens you should notice it is much improved to the previous version =)

[Image: SVzPyyF.png]

We've also worked hard on improving the translations, and hope to receive more feedback on them on our Discord server. We have set-up a channel for each language and there are instructions on how to report possible issues with the translations:

[Image: eDrz6P3.jpg]

STEAM/GOG Early Access Release

We are preparing for the official Early Access release. We do not have a date yet, as we need to sort out some tasks and find a good window for the release all things considered, it could be before summer but it might end up being after the summer in fall as well. Once we are certain of a date we will announce it, so stay tuned for news on that =)

Interview with the composer of Space Haven

Solid Content sat down and did an interview with the music composer for Space Haven, watch some neat game play, listen to some music and hear some cool things about making music for Space Haven!

Patch Notes for Alpha 8:
  • Alpha 8 - Saves from Alpha 7 should work.
  • Build Menu overhaul - Improved and polished the Build Menu.
  • Polished translations.
  • You can now bind shields, scanners, and turrets to groups.
  • Modified the abandoned mining station to have storages close to the airlock.
  • Added missing characters for some languages.
  • Fixed a bug which stopped NPC ships from jumping away.
  • Fixed bugs.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news to come!

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