DevBlog #37 - Space Haven STEAM/GOG Early Access Release Thursday May 21st.

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Bzzt...bzt.. This is Bugbyte mission control. Houston, we don't have a problem, we have a date. Repeat, we have a date! We have a Steam/GOG Early Access release date! Bzzt...Bzt... Over and out. Space Haven will be released on Steam and GOG as Early Access on Thursday 21st of May. Let's make this rocket launch a successful one together!

Story time. We recently attended a small game dev gathering here in Turku, Finland. When asked to introduce ourselves we eagerly told our story, and how Space Haven was looking very promising to be our best game yet.

We continued on to say one of our game dev related dreams out loud, which would be to have the number one spot in the "global top sellers" list on Steam. One of the attendees burst out laughing, thinking it was a joke. Well, to be honest. We didn't mean that Space Haven would stay up there forever, even a minute would be a dream come true for us =) It's honestly a dream we have and they say it's good to have goals in life!

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"I have a dream... That one day... For one minute... Space Haven would be the number one top seller on the "Global Top Sellers" - list on Steam"

It is once again time to rally up, Backers! Let's make Space Haven soar through the skies and reach the number #1 on the Global Top Sellers list, even if just for a minute! =) This would be something to tell our grand kids about.

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What can I do to help?
  • Start beating the Space Drums, tell your friends and family, yell it out in every Discord channel and forum you can and tell them to Wishlist Space Haven on Steam:
  • Tell your favorite streamer to contact us at: [email protected] - Let's invade YouTube and Twitch!
  • Be there with us on launch day Thursday May 21st, and help new players with their questions if you can! =)

This is how Space Haven looks now

[Image: YLnfwnz.jpg]
[Image: iCH424V.jpg]
[Image: I2Qdf2A.jpg]
[Image: y2JMWKH.jpg]
[Image: GhgEVpX.jpg]

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Wishlist the game on Steam and/or GOG!

Wishlist on STEAM -> CLICK HERE

Wishlist on GOG -> CLICK HERE

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We love to hear from you guys so don't hesitate to come have a chat with us =) You can connect with us from through the channels below:

Thanks for reading and we will keep you posted of the release =)

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How do us alpha backers access the game on Steam?

Edit: Oh I found it, the link was in the activation email

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