Space Haven Alpha 8 - Updates and Patch Notes

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Patch Notes for Alpha 8:

[version] 0.8.11

Saves are supported from 0.8.10, but not earlier versions 0.8.9 and below.
Added a new hyperspace travel effect.
Improved all translations.
Various smaller polish.
Added tooltips to sector information icons.
Added new tutorial objectives.
Fixed some issues with cloud save.
Improved graphics of shield generator.
Fixed bugs.

[version] 0.8.10

Saved games are not supported from previous versions.
Fixed Recycler working/restrictions area.
Crew will sleep 1 hour less by default.
Fixed bugs.

[version] 0.8.9

Polished Graphics for Power Capacitor.
Quick bug fixes.

[version] 0.8.8

Savegames are not supported from previous versions.
Prisoners can now be recruited, and there is a chance prisoners might rebel in the process.
You can now attack and kill enemy crew members who have surrendered, or are your prisoners.
Crew member found alive in hypersleep chambers are now drafted by default.
Rebalanced trading prices for resources to represent overall availability and value in a better way.
Plastics and steel plates are now used to create weapons.
Chemical Refinery can produce plastics.
Crew members will now clean up blood splatter.
Added some new notifications.
Improved UI elements.
Improved translations.
Fixed bugs.

Use the in-game update in main menu to get the latest version. Be sure to check known bugs in the bug report menu before you submit Smile If you have reported a bug before and it's not fixed or listed no need to report again, we have a back log to fix! Have fun playing and have a great weekend! Heart

Bugs are best submitted through the in-game bug report menu, which can be accessed quickly by pressing F11 when playing. Please check known bugs in the same menu before submitting, and please use the feature with consideration.

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