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Having a lot of trouble with comfort. Unlike power, when it is cut and dry if you have power or not, there isn't anything measurable about comfort, and I can't figure it out. I went so far as to build this sleeping area, and it still has a negative comfort rating. (See attachment)

Well, I can't seem to post a picture, but in essence, I built a long hallway that ended in a small area that I put 4 beds in. I ran power and heat down to it, and it gives a negative comfort. I added a door, still negative. I'm at a loss if I go to these drastic measures and it still shows negative comfort. We need to know what parameters are affecting the comfort rating.


Check the comfort view mode, and then hover over an area. It will list the negatives. Positives are things like light and just being separate from uncomfortable facilities. Arcade machine and jukebox also give positive comfort.

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