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Hi everyone, 

Since stumbling onto the unofficial mod launcher I've been creating mods for the game. I've tried to strike a balance between smaller mods which address issues other people have raised with the game (such as "not enough water") to larger mods which add new objects and have a more significant affect on the gameplay. 

For anyone interested, I've uploaded the mods I've created so far to Github, and provided a brief explanation below. If anyone wants to chat, I'm more than happy to attempt to answer any questions about how I've made these mods, or about modding in general. Additionally if there are any bugs I'll be sure to take a look as soon as I'm able. 

In the meantime I would recommend joining the Space Haven discord, as it's been really useful, there is a list of available mods by other authors, and overall it's just a great community.

"Circle of life" 
Harvest resources from human and alien bodies. Humans = water, Aliens = carbon + chemicals. Ideally this will make combat a more rewarding event. 

"Food Mod" 
Adds two new crops - "All in One ChemCrop" Requiring 2 water and 1 chemicals to provide 2 fruit, 2 veg and 1 meat (Thanks to Kyanide for assistance with balancing).  "xygenating Crop" A slow growing crop of vegetables which oxygenate the room they are planted in. Half as effective as an Oxygen generator. More food is planned in a future update. 

"Moisture Vaporator" A new item providing a way to generate excess water from a ships O2 supply, effectively recycling some of the water used in O2 generators.

As per the name, increases water gained from ice to 20 water up from 5 

"Refinery Mod" 
A large mod which requires base resources to be refined before use. This can be done manually in a metal refinery, however two new buildings are available to more efficiently refine noble and base metals (meaining they produce five times the resources). These new refineries also generate industrial waste as part of the refining process, which can be recycled back into base metals via a new waste recycling building, meaning resources will last longer. Additionally, chemical, energerium and hyperfuel processing now generate chem and fuel waste which can be recycled back into raw chemicals and base resources in a similar way to the metals. All of the new buildings generate lots of heat & hazgas meaning they're a bit of a pain to use and likely lethal to anyone not in a space suit. They also take up system points. The idea of this mod is to encourage the use of a focused Refinery Ship to support more focussed combat ships. Some of the values may still need tweaking!

"Compact work benches"
A requested mod, consolidating all of the functions from every other protection item in the game into two new items. I'm assuming to tweak this further to make these benches function as a very inefficient stopgap for getting all of the items in the game. Ideally this will solve the issue of getting "stuck" needing an object you can't produce.


Awesome Smile Discord is indeed best, most activity regarding modding information there.

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