Starmap and universe ideas for "end game"



Some ideas for the universe generation/design. As of right now, the universe is very limited to just a few solar systems and when you complete all them, there will be no more resources to continue on, eventually you will end up with dying resources and just die. So... How about you make it so that the universe is endlessly generated and randomly at that aswell offcourse. That way everytime you jump to a new system, it generates new ones further down the road, and so on and on and on, so we can technically play indefinately. And maybe, if you guys are not already working on it, maybe a storyline to follow through or something, like sort of quests to follow, side quests, maybe randomly generated sidequests in randomly new systems with the randomly generating, ever expanding, universe? Something to go after to get a sort of, hey i finished the game, feeling, and than offcourse open ending with the ever expanding universe after that... Something like that would be nice but especially an never ending universe idea would be neat so we could keep going on at least for a long time, just in case you guys are not going for a story/questline to follow.

Great game still, keep it up ^.^


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The game already has endless! Once you reach the end of the galaxy there is a special sector somewhere, which will prompt you with a choice to continue to a new one if you want to.

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