Do System Points Ever Increase?


Looking at some of the featured ship designs, they seem to utilize more system points than the 16 I currently have, so I was wondering if something like adding lots of additional hull increases the amount of available system points?
Also, on a semi-related note, I'm confused by how it says my starting ship is using 10 system points, when the only objects I have from the System tab that use System Points are a Scanner and two Hull Stabilizers (which should only use 6, total).  I'm not sure what could be using up the other four.


If you're still in the first sector, from what i read, the mining station you start on where you can make your new ship next to it, couts towards those system points with what it has or sumthing, if u leave the first system(sector?) it should revert to 16... Also from what i read, it doesn't increase?? So how other ppl go beyond i have no idea?? Hope they will introduce something that increases it or make it more obvious what it is that increases it, because ya, if they are ever gonna increase the turrets pirates have, i want to be able to out gun them again.


Hey, guys!

Ship points are used by both the station and your ship in the abandoned mining station start, but when you leave it will free up the ship points for you to use.

System points are for various system facilities within the ship. The amount is currently based on the canvas size. Certain facilities require system points.


My current ship is just the tutorial platform with hyperdrives and other objects added on. I'm presuming that the extra 4 system points it appears to be consuming are a bug then?

Incidentally, is there a way to mod in changes to system points available or system point costs?


Launching the Basic Platform seems to have 16/16 available from start, so not sure why there is 4 taken extra if that's the case! Would need to know all the facilities built.

Modding is best discussed on our Discord, since that's where most people are active regarding modding. Believe there could be a mod for that!


Seems I was able to mod in a reduction of all system point costs to 0, though oddly, that set my ship's system points used to 16/16. Didn't stop me from building a turret though, so things are working.


I believe it's not system points used, it's system points free =) 16/16.


Yes, it counts down, not up, so when ur at 16/16, u can fully build everything, when it's on 0/16 ur done, nothing can be added anymore... To me tho it would be more logical if it was 16/16 means full, that sort of indicates all of the 16 points r now used and thus full.... 0/16 means it is empty and thus could be used... so if it could be turned around that would make more sense to many ppl.


In general, it's a bad idea to have any game attributes work on golf scoring. Old school D&D tried to do it with armor class and THAC0, and it was needlessly confusing. Keep things simple, larger numbers should always equal better and a full ship should be represented with a full number.


On these notes, it feels wrong to me that everything costs 2 system points. We essentially have half as many of them as the game says we should.

Then also, I get that a 1x1 ship shouldn't be able to pack 8 turrets, but just a single one is rather disappointing. It is important to note that System Points are entirely about combat power. Even the Scanner is best used for scouting airlocks for boarding parties. I accept the case that combat facilities should be spread out among the sector map, but I wish I could make a hyper-efficient small combat-optimized escort ship.

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