Hello, I am from Turkey Agree



I'm sorry that I don't speak English. That's why I use Google translation. Sorry for spelling mistakes.

I bought the Space Haven game from steam. However, I cannot play because the game does not support Turkish language.

Will the game support Turkish language?

Please support Turkish language

Respects   Smile Smile Smile Smile


Hello! Smile

Perhaps eventually, but right now we cannot offer more languages than the 12 that are supported.


OK. I bought the game. and I am waiting for Turkish language support to play Smile


Hmm, it is best not to purchase the game right now since we do not know when we can add more languages, or if we can =)

If Turkish is very important please refund and if in the future the language is added you can buy again then!


No I will not return, because this is the game of my dreams. I will wait patiently for the Turkish language. Maybe one day.


Ya bekle, ya da ingilicze ögren. Oyunu oynarsan, yavas yavas ingilicze ögrenirsin. daha kolay

For english people: You can wait, till it is in turkish, or you can learn english. playing in english makes learning english more easy :-)

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