Water Collector/Water Vapor gas


Where can i see info about Water Vapor Gas? (Distribution/amout in a room) Can not find it in ViewModes.
Whats the efficiency of the Water Collector? Its says IDLE but consumes 5/s energy continuously. Normal?
FYI, Water collector was introduced with version 8.20: https://steamcommunity.com/games/979110/...4753073389


Yeah, and that update came out like 10 hours ago so i don't think they got around to putting it in view mode :p should be something in a few days.


Water vapor is not visible, but it exists in your ship and it can stack up REALLY high. I think it stacks a bit like smoke, and smoke takesĀ a lot of time to clear out.

If you have a serious backlog of water vapor, the reclaimers will be stuck at 5.0 drain for a LONG time. They drain a LOT of energy but they basically transmute energy rods into water, which is great. I recommend investing in a few solar panels to save resources in the long run.

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