Please Devs, would you make one small change and post an update in the app store?

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Hello developers. I have definitely been enjoying the space haven beta. But one of my favorite games on mobile remains Battlevoid: Harbinger. 

I made a fairly detailed post with recommendations for updating harbinger should you ever have the time and inclination. I still believe it is one of the best if not the best 2D space combat game on the App Store. 

I am posting this request because it is my number one irritation in the game and I think it would be fairly easy to resolve. If only this one item was changed, it would greatly improve my experience, and I’m sure others as well. 

My issue is with how loud the interface noises are. It is great to play the game with sound effects on because you get to hear all of the gunfire (not the point defence, understandably) but the interface noises are louder than the sound effects, and they are very jarring and annoying. Just reducing them to 50% or 25% volume would greatly improve the experience. Ideally, there should be a volume slider for interface sounds specifically, but I understand that that would require additional coding. You can solve the above issue simply by taking the interface sound effects and reducing their volume and then updating the game with these adjusted sound effects in it. As a game developer myself, this seems like the simplest solution.

Please consider this request. And also, I believe that a re-release With some improvements, and a bit of marketing to get the word out would go far. I still think there is no other game available for mobile that is so detailed and plays so well as Battlevoid: Harbinger. You will find my post with suggestions on how to further improve the game on this forum. 

Thank you for your consideration, and I wish you great success in the commercial release of Space Haven!


Hello, Tanelorn!

Thanks for the respectful message =)

As you may know updating itself is sometimes really cumbersome, Apple has also increased the hurdle by having new requirements when updating a game.

If we update the game we have to update throughout all platform and stores, as well as the game engine. These things start taking days or a week of time, as we would still need to ensure the game is working and no new bugs are introduced
simply with the game engine update.

Apples new requirements regarding their screen sizes could possibly also cause us a lot of headache, as Harbinger is a bit locked in that regard =( We also just released a new game and players are expecting updates for it as it is in Early Access.

All of this means that at this time we will not have time for anything besides what's absolutely necessary.

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