Been a enjoyable journey so far


I bought the game 1 hour when it was released on May 21st.  Steam says I have over 255 hours played so far. To say that I've enjoyed the game is an under statement. I have encountered things/events/issues that I would like to ask players and developers alike about what I've seen.
The ship building facet of this game is what drew me to it and enjoy designing and building ships. I have played many play through all the way to Eden. My settings are Peaceful, No aliens, very common derelicts, and have modded the game to start with 20 crew members and lastly I use sandbox mode. I'm interested in building quickly and exploring and gathering additional crew members.  My play throughs have been varied with new crew members, anywhere from 2 to 11 with my average around 5-6 new crew members.
Question - I have found that the only ship that has a sleep chamber is the one with a long neck with a square hull design at the top. Has anyone else found sleep chambers in the small derelicts? I generally by-pass them in favor of the bigger derelicts since I'm looking for crew members
I like to hunt and kill pirates and will chase them till dead.  Because of limited hand movements because of RA I do not attempt to board the newly destroyed pirate ship and will wait until their oxygen is exhausted. If another faction ship is there, they will help fight which I don't mind but what happens next is perplexing if not frustrating.  Any faction ship that is there or arrives after I destroy the pirate ship will almost always send a shuttle over to the pirate ship. This is the frustrating part because 1 of 2 things happen. The first is the ship that sends over a shuttle will go back and forth. What it is doing is beyond me but every time it docks I'm thinking that it refills their oxygen levels in their airlocks which prolongs my salvaging the pirate ship. The other thing that happens alot is the shuttle goes over to the pirate ship and since the pirates are still alive, they take them prisoners which in turn makes the faction ship into a derelict. When exploring there are no bodies and when I get over to the pirate ship, the pirate crew and the faction crew are all dead.
Question - is there any plans to flesh out the interaction with other factions? I've tested this alot and can't find any meaningful reaction with other factions.  I've had pirate faction at -100 and all the other factions at 100 and the only thing currently I can do is trade, give a gift, or see vision. Seems this area of the game is still being worked on. I have even set the beginning settings to have a few factions as allies and that still does not open any additional options. Also, any plans of expanding the scope of amassing credits?  Because my ships are floating factories, I usually have a bunch of items to trade and will what I like to call "dumping". I've collected over 275k in credits.  Other than a big number, is there plans on using credits in any way like purchasing "blueprints" or "shells" of other faction ships to build from?
Question - I know other factions will board derelicts and seem to be salvaging supplies and will bump my shuttle off the airlock  which triggers me to want to attack them. Once I've explored the ship and can begin salvaging the other factions will depart as if my exploring now has claimed the ship.  Do other factions when boarding a derelict open a sleep chamber and release a crew member?
I could write a book but I will end this for now. One last thing please.  Too Bug Byte, to the developers, to the game designers - wow thank you, this is a really fun game and being early access is fairly free of bugs.  I can not wait to see what you have in store for the future of the game. Again, thank you very much.  Many kudos to you all.



Thanks Merkreus for the great feedback =)

The random ship generator is not fully there yet, so there's limited derelicts and the smaller one generally does not have a chance of having a hypersleep chamber, or it is very small. We just increased the chance for the bigger one though, it seemed to be very rare so should be a bit better now.

Faction interactions will get more to it most likely, lots of things in the game is halfway done, sometimes not even that. Many of these features need to be fleshed out more! It's only a question of when we will find time to work on a specific feature, or features. There's so much to work on! =)

Thank you again for the feedback and encouraging words. There's a new update in the experimental branch, coming soon to main branch!


Thank you AdmiralGeezer for responding to my post.  I was going to start a new post but this seems appropriate.  I have new observations and questions I would like to ask.
Just for context:
Peaceful - No aliens - modified starting crew to 20 - use sandbox at start, very little if at all later on. I also have resources set to common. (yes I know, easy peasy nice and easy but Im old and dont have the reflexes I use to)
My first ship I named - To Borg with Love and used the whole ship palette - to say that it is large is an understatement.  I went thru the starmap exploring derelicts collecting new crew members. I ended with 28 crew members. Got to Eden and went on to the next starmap(really like this feature).  When I dropped, I decided to build another ship. While building I had a pirate come on by to say hello and since I was anchored building my new ship, instead of chasing and killing, I let it go. It came back and I promply destroyed the ship. Two Civilian faction ships dropped by me and I went about building my new ship and trading with the new ships.  After trading with them, instead of leaving they both turned into derelicts with both crew members dead(20 crew members). Question - is this normal behavior for the AI? It almost seems that if I wasnt building a new ship, both of those ships would have joined with me which has happened before. I know things are still being worked on and this subject has come up but thought I would give you the issue in the context of the game. 
Fires - they can be a pain in the ..... but can be somewhat mitigated.  Question - Is it normal for kitchen units and water purifiers to have a greater than normal chance on starting fires. Ive watched my 3 kitchen units go into needing repairs 1 at a time with no one near them. Ive watched my crew members go about the chores while half my ship is burning. Can we have a way do sound an alarm so every crew member helps put out the fire?
Lastly, any chance that when we land on the star that has Eden, we can hold off on quitting or moving on? Reason being is there are almost always resources that can be mined but cant because you either quit the game or move forward. Also, Eden was not at the last star system in my second playthough - is that normal?
Thanks again for a great game



Hi there.

Oddities may happen as the game is in early access. Smile Kitchens catch fire more probably due to the amount it is used and as such getting more rolls for a possible fire.

Can't work on the Eden part now but we can look into it in the future!


That helps I was wondering if my kitchen catching fire a lot was to do also with clumsy people.

Also something that threw me for a while was I set my kitchen so that prisoners could use it, but then nobody else could use it.

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(06-10-2020, 05:11 PM)Merkreus Wrote: I like to hunt and kill pirates and will chase them till dead.  Because of limited hand movements because of RA I do not attempt to board the newly destroyed pirate ship and will wait until their oxygen is exhausted.
Hey, I want to leave a comment that the most effective way to recruit new crew at the moment is to shoot down the small pirate ships, board them through a blown-out wall, and take their crew prisoner.
Even better when they send a single shuttle over and you surround them at your airlock.
When you set them with the "Recruit" button they periodically roll to join you.  The chance is <1% at first, but climbs to ~10% if you treat them well.  I'm on my 2nd game, started with the mining station, so started with 5 crew.  I'm on the 4th star system and just recently recruited my 12th crew member, so now 7 of my crew are former pirates.  I found a hypersleep chamber recruit last game, but no dice this time so far.

I do find it unintuitive that pirates are such a fruitful source of crew.  I think friendly comms with other ships that want to join the fleet, or a fairly high chance event that they have crew members interested in leaving their ship for another, or even slavers selling slaves to my fleet, should all be better ways to get crew.  I think if white-flag surrenders weren't so common in person-to-person combat, pirates wouldn't be so easy to take captive and hold until they give in to my pressure.

In this 4th system is a 4-turret pirate ship.  After getting my second ship outfitted for combat, I chased it down until it blew up.  I saved the game and sent 4 of my guys over in a shuttle, and out streamed a parade of ~15 pirates!  Somehow one of them is a Hero without a spacesuit.  I will probably let all these guys suffocate.

It's a fun game!

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