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Hi guys,

i bought this game 2 weeks ago. Playing every day or every second day one or 2 hours. It was fun.

On my first Universe, i started in south, one System on my left, rest on my right. So i jumped first to the System on my left. There were many Ships of all Factions maximum armed. I thought "ouh, hard", so i maxed my ship also with turrets and shields. As i jumped back and go to the right, the ships were weak again. I read in Forums, that you may find new Crewmembers in derelic Ships in Cryochambers. But i dont found, so i conquered several Ships of other Factions. Now i have visited half the Galaxy and i have 2 Big Ships with 30 Crewmembers. I could get more Crewmembers, but then i need more Food and Water. Water is the mainproblem. Sure, i have enough on Reserve, but on the first, 30 Crewmembers is enough. But what next? Till now, there was progress in this game. I can grow by Crewmembers, i can grow my ships. But now? Jump allways from one System to the other and junst Mine ressources?

I know this game is a early version, so there will be much to follow. And i read in this forums for some ideas.

1. The Planet Idea

I like this Idea to land on a planet. Building your own settlement. Water and food will be enough, and maybe one or 2 ressources. So, the job could be, bringing the needed ressources back in the city, capturing more Crewmembers and making your civilization grow. I know the problem was discussed, what happens with the planet, when player move elsewhere. or how do you land on this planet. i think this problems will be solved in this or that way. But planet is a good idea.

2. Mining Stations.

Maybe if its not possible at this point to land on a Planet, would be nice if there would be Planets, but you cannot Land on it, but build Mining stations in the Orbit. Every Planet has 1 or 2 endless ressources. So you can build mining stations, that do not count on your shippoints and only think you do, is trying to find those planets, get the ressources and again, build the Mining stations like little cities in the sky and you go through the whole universe to capture new crewmembers again (you see, i want to grow).

3. New Technics

Sure, new tech will help for this and that. make your production more efficient, so you need less water and get more food. You can build more or bigger ships. So there will be more progress and growing again. 

There are several good and i think more ideas to work on. Maybe there are many players who like flying from one star to the other and just surviving. But players like me like to grow. More Crewmembers. Get Bigger. Build More. Make your own Civilization. And and and. 

I dont know, where the thoughts of the gamemakers go, but i hope, they see my point, that many players need to grow. in what way you ever choose. 

Greetings from Germany :-)


Thanks for the feedback! =) We've gotten a ton of feedback and we will be looking through it all and see what the next step will be. Bigger updates will require more development time. Stay tuned for news!

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