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EDIT: The kickstarter campaign is NOW live!

CLICK here to see the Kickstarter! You don't want to miss it.

Let's do it, commanders! Let's make Extended Edition happen.


We have begun work on a big content update for Battlestation: Harbinger. We are going to do some major changes based on the feedback we have gotten from you, our players. We need your help.

We will launch a new Kickstarter for the new improved Harbinger next month!

This huge update will be implemented to both the mobile version and the upcoming PC version of Harbinger. We aim to publish the update in late November or early December this year for Apple and Google. We aim to publish the PC version for Steam in January or February 2016.

Some of the new planned features for this Big Content Update:
  • New user interface for PC
  • 3 new races. The Celestials, the Schillae and the Unknown Threat.
  • 1 campaign with 4 galaxies. The races you face, and in which order, are randomized every time you play. This will give you a lot of replay value! 4th galaxy has an epic end boss battle.
  • More and better missions.
  • More cool turrets to choose from!
  • New ships, especially big carrier ships.
  • Balancing the game (Please don't be angry at us for nerfing some turrets. We try our best!)

How much of the new features we can implement depends on you, our fans! We will launch a Kickstarter campaign next month and we need you to be with us.

Additionally to the features mentioned above we will also implement more. We need you to register on these forums and give us comments which of the following you want to see the most:
  • Richer environments such as: Black holes (Slowly sucking hull), Electromagnetic Storms(Disabling shields), Asteroid clusters, debris of old ships and defunct space stations.
  • Fast forward in battles.
  • More neutral and friendly units, like mercenaries to hire.
  • Different kind of traps. When you click on it you are either faced with loot or enemies, or both.
  • Something else?

Please register here right now and give us your suggestions:

Click here to register and join forums

We need new ideas for turrets! Do you have anything in mind? Please let us know here in this thread.

Kickstarter will start next month October! When you register you will help us, because we will have a channel to reach you when we need you. We will show you a lot of interesting stuff from the development of the content update. Be the first to see screenshots, gifs and streams by registering.

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