Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


Your guys are doing great with this game!

I like all of the planned ideas and only have a few suggestions.


Lasers: Lasers are almost useless in my experience, I would like to see them have longer range, and maybe have damage scaled on distance, or alternatively keep the laser but make them due only shield damage, but introduce particle weapons for hull damage.

Hull Bonus and ship upgrade modules:
While the game does support shield upgrades, I would also like the ability to add some extra hull, preferably using secondary slots or maybe by adding a ship upgrade slot outside of the weapon mounts. In the same idea it would be nice to increase speed or maneuverability with upgrades.

Fighters are great, but the bolter drone is my default as the other fighters don't have enough kick or are so slow or inaccurate that it is not worth the investment.

New weapons:
Particle Cannon: Like a laser but focused on hull, maybe no shield damage at all so you have to build your ship to make it work.

Line of site Projectile Cannon:
Like a MAC cannon from halo, it can only fire when properly aimed, but does tremendous damage, possibly one shot kill but use 3 main weapon slot or some other drawback (Maybe uses 1 main weapon but requires two secondary slots for power storage)

Mine field: Deploy mines in an area (maybe a dedicated mine ship) that can be used in conjunction with distress beacons to give you the upper hand.

Self-Destruct Option: send a ship in two die and take a fleet with it.


All of the ideas you have listed are great! It would be cool to be able to claim abandoned space stations for humanity and possibly upgrade captured ones as well. It would be cool to also just have a larger station in general, it makes me sad when I see one get destroyed.

Black Holes: This would be interesting, but I think it would be intriguing to see if they change how weapons fire and hit as well.

Traps: I like this idea a lot, but if you up the risk I would like to up the reward as well, maybe improving the likelihood of getting good weapon drops?

I have seen some people say they want energy management, I like this idea for the desktop version, but it would be too much for a mobile game, on mobile I just want to get in and start shooting. If this is something that many people want implemented, it would be nice if it could just be a menu option like difficulty.

All of the planned changes you have are great, I am looking forward to seeing the results!


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