Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


Great to see your adding in new type of carriers and more options, hoping their will be drone command enhancements and enabling mini drone deployments as described in past emails to you guys.

Anywho heres a recap publicly so people can perhaps build upon my feedback/ideas

Still though im a total fan of carrier crafts, hoping you can make super carrier ships housing 3-5 drone bays allowing for the ability to leave behind drones to guard zones, and add in more complexity to the use of drones, (while equally keeping it simple, allowing drones to have some sorta feature like say, a salvager drone, that hops to other sectors during turns and comes back with salvage, assuming it isn't blown up, etc..) With the ability to assign drones the ability to guard said savager drones.

A big part of your game i really liked though is the fact you can have drones period, and your able to issue commands to these drones, enabling you to be a drone tanking machine, or not rely on drones heavily and swap out.

A few things i'd love to see added besides what i mentioned in regards to drones are, multiplayer. I understand with the complexity of the game itself, that adding in multiplayer maybe hard, but i feel if you enable bluetooth, wifi (local or remote) gameplay, we can really see sparks flying with multiplayer battles consisting of turns and duking it out (with both players perhaps pitted against one another, in a similar fashion in the star map, but with more risk, like say, either they work together in a co-op based fashion or in a winner rushes to the end takes all, sorta fashion, enabling a pretty brutal type of gameplay) although if such a feature were ever to be added... with the game in its current state, i would strongly suggest to increase the strength of enemy numbers/spawning in fleets based on player(s) in match. I know this is probably a near impossible request at this point but i can definitely take interest in this sort of opportunity.

Core things i'd like to hopefully see implemented more for the carrier play and story line

- Updated story/enemy faction storyline
- Potential for random events to take place (anomalys like random storms that wipe out ships or pirates, something of the sort that wipes or affects both or one side of the gameplay (ex: pirates jump in and help you for a price if you fail to offer reward/pay they will turn*))
- Ally support calls (calling in friendly AI fleets to assist you), of course with the repercussion of a time limit to help turn the tide (while equally also enabling the enemy to do so)

Weapon/Turret/Gun emplacement ideas
- Red Slot weapons:
  • a Salvager beam (tractor beam) that collects salvage(so you can grab items while in a fire fight instead of needing to be nearly next to items during a fight), this allows for quick fight and flight tactics (it might help if your fleets to small or your to heavily outclassed and get stuck due to lack of scrap to buy better turrets)
  • Mine deployer (Deploys mines varying from slow mines that slow down enemy doing minor damage, to heavy damage mines that do little to to much damage) (automatic or manual fire is optional{?} (Makes for a better retreat backwards when enemy fleets rush you)
  • Deployable sentry gun/unit (Deploy a stationary turret that deploys out with limited health/ammo that stays to fire at nearby hostiles, this turret can be recalled via some sorta chainlinking effect or perhaps serves as a defensive node that can be left behind on a per jump point basis {Thus restricting its redeployment}, or perhaps temporary deployment that is autorecalled after battle

- BlueSlot weapons;
  • Up laser turrets range, increase cooldown timer for fire but extend range
  • Enable missle turrets (or perhaps rocket turrets, micro rockets), ex: Close range anti missle turrets or something of the sort no more than maybe 150-200 distance to reduce spamming effectiveness

- Drone Suggestions;
  • <li>Add in missle drones! Enemy has them why dont we? As a cap restriction add in limited # of bays for missle drone deployment or restrict missle fire rate like enemy drones
  • Salvage drone, names self explanatory but it gathers salvage/weapon/item drops nearby but has the potential to be destroyed by enemies{If your internal storage is full for ship parts it just keeps them floating around you
  • Deflector drones, as the name suggests, these drones solely are shield drones that deflect damage (perhaps missle absorbtion) or bullet damage (or reflects back the attack on attacker(s) based on a %

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