Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


More turret suggestions;

Red slot suggestions;

- Drill missile/Latch mines (time to upgrade that tactical nuke with a new deadly feature, or an entirely different variant. This is a missile or floating mine that bores/attaches to a ship and self detonates after a few moments with a radial explosion effect. It can be shot down but once it latches on sux 2b u and cannot be disarmed beyond explosion)

- warp bombs (as the name suggests its a portable warping bomb, limited dps but add in radial explosion and distance limiters to make it a invaluable weapon)

- arch beam cannon (as the name suggests this weapon fires a highly concentrated amount of energy that archs off the targeted ship(s){perhaps a upgradeable feature} with high cool down rate but medium to high dps after upgraded}[due to the affects of this weapon friendly drones will get caught in the arch use with caution]

- arching energy cannon (as the name suggests different from its original MK1 variant the MK2 brings to the table a unfocused ball of energy, the downsides though is that it affects friendly drones as well as it archs out in all directions dispensing its own energy till it's nothingness)

- EMP missle (as the name implies this is a missile designed solely for disarming enemy/friendly drones and shielding systems this weapon may affect friendlies, use with caution extremely high cool down rate like tactical nuke)

- Boarding pods (as the name suggests a team of marines deploys out like in battle station first contact, these marines sabotage and can capture or disable parts of the enemy sub systems),{KEEP IN MIND this suggestion is based on the assumption you will bring back marines and engineers enabling for a more complex gameplay style}

Blue slot suggestions;
- Point defense laser (as the name suggests it is a short range rapid locking laser that's sole purpose is to disarm/destroy enemy mines/missiles)

Drone Bay suggestions;
-Arch drones (as the name suggests just like arch cannon except smaller power less capable and doesn't disarm enemies or drones solely archs and dose low to medium dps. This is the only drone immune to dps/arching lashback due to its micro arch shielding subsystems)

-mine drones (as the name suggests these drones sole purpose is to blanket an area with small dps mines that home in on targets within a 10-15m radius, due to the potential for spamming these drones must MANUALLY be commanded to deploy a blanket of mines with a touch drag feature, each drone maxed out at 5mines per drone {4drones max perhaps and require # of mines to deploy based on leveling up, with a variety of 3 different mines, arch mines, standard explosive mines, and homing mines{latches or homes in on target within mines effective radius, only one mine can be chosen in upgrade tier}

- decoy drones {as the name suggests these drones sole purpose are to draw fire. They have no weapons but they can sometimes draw hostile fleets fire and attention buying you time to retreat or counter attack, upgrades include drawing missile fire, and attracting enemy drones attention, these drones need to be issued a location to fly to aka drag and go)

- kamikaze drones {as the name suggests these drones sole purpose is to fly at top speed at the enemy suiciding with a radial explosion effect, more armored than a missile and extremely light shielding coupled with long respawn times make these drones a tricky type to use in a last ditch effort}

Generalized suggestions;

- Fleet difficulty scales up based on player ships/equipment enabling for a constant challenge to players, with wild cards like weak easy and tough hard fleets

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