Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


More generalized suggestions;

- what the player has the enemy has, this can be a wild card though forcing tough fights for the player (this includes bail out tactics to hit and run ships to heavily overpowering)

- enemy has the same arsenal as player has with different evolving tactics

- battle stations serve more of a purpose beyond repairs and to aid in fights, they now field a upgradeablility fielding more drones based on how much salvage you dump into the battle station

More turret suggestions;
Drone Bay suggestions;

- constructor drone (as the name suggests this drone can build but what? It can solely build a battle station platform, place a limit on this restricting max # of buildable stations overall including pregenerated battle stations per map. This allows players to rebuild destroyed stations or place New ones, I suggest only having 2-3tips able to be built by player as a max so players can't spam build battle stations. They are unsalavageable though so think wisely before building. Default build location is determined based on quadrant you define for station building, as a added issue the building process takes 2-3 turns and the battle station is paper thin during construction process. This means the enemy can thwart your construction attempts but with repair drones and constructor drones building/repairing the structure you can keep it up)

Anyway that's all I'm able to think of at the moment hopefully some of my ideas get out in or people build upon the ideas I gave.

ALSO pay attention to your reddit. As a prior player of your last few battle station games I understood immediately what the features ment in the videos. New comers won't. Add in text to explain a bit about what your doing with the ship in your videos, as that's a core importance to increasing your sales and really showing off what you got

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