Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


@smnoamls This isn't for lack of trying, we have sent thousands of e-mails! Not exaggerating here. We wouldn't create a forum, answer every problem users have, create a good looking home page, create a "press" section with all of our information if we didn't care.

It took us a lot of trying to get articles like these:

We did not succeed with Battlestation: First Contact. We sent a lot of mails. It's hard work, every word has to be chosen carefully, make it easy for the editors to make an article. Those articles wouldn't be up there if we weren't trying our damn hardest to get them there.

We have experts helping us, we are doing everything we can. But there are other elements at play here, it's almost impossible to get a mention on a big site. Faster Than Light is an exception, not the norm. Games that are on mobile immediately have a much lesser chance of getting a mention, because of some kind of global reputation of being yet another Clash of Clans or Candy Crush. We have a completely unique game on mobile but trying to explain that to a big web site is not easy.

Other creators have failed their Kickstarter campaigns, leading to bigger sites being very selective of who they write. They usually only write about guys that have been in big studios before, legendary guys. Small unknowns like us are disregarded completely even though we might have material that looks just as good as the ex Bioshock developers.

We've been in contact with editors of big sites and have them explain to us that there are small chances for us to get a mention, exactly for the reasons mentioned above. We have to find other ways to get noticed, and we are trying all the time.

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