couple of bugs with ship combat


1. The crew selection doesn't work right when any of the crew in that selection is in a shuttle/pod. What it does is selects the ones you CAN select, always leading me to thinking i just had a group of 3, or someone died while i wasn't watching. Don't think you can even assign someone in a pod/shuttle to a group.

2. Friendly factions will often hack your shuttle to dock on a ship your docked too, for whatever reason. Often that shuttle wont move after. So your guys get trapped on that ship till there idiot pick up what ever rng food plate they want and leave. Thats all well and good till you see its 10 charger aliens and you need to bugger off.. but now can't

3. A few times i have had alien, on an adjacent tile but passed a door (to the right or left) attack me and i could not shoot them. Im guessing due to non-destructable objects next to them, or the door. My guy shoots but they take no damage, which is impossible given how shotgun pellets work. I often have to move back or forward to compensate.

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