Recycling hull blocks


Hi !

I'm stuck at the end of the "first part" and simply can't build my hyper drive because I miss ONE hull block !

Why can't I get a hull block back when I reduce the size of my ship ?
For me it would be logic that I get the hull blocks back into inventory that I have "unmounted" ?!

Any ideas ?


Do you have a recycler? If so, try recycling hull scrap; you shouldn't need to many to make one block. Otherwise, you may have to wait to make a trade.


I may be wrong, but it seemed like stripping down chunks of your own hull produces Hull Scrap rather than Hull Blocks.

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Yeah, you get scrap from removing hull, but some "things" are made of hall block. Go through the buld menu you may be able to remove something for now and get by. i think it's a 5 to 1 ratio on scrap recycling and i don't think your guaranteed a scrap on every block you remove.

You can always restart and edit the start settings if you hell bent on having your hull start that way. Smile

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