could saved schedules and priorities be a thing?


So I was watching my crew tirelessly move all of my storage from one part of my ship to another and I wanted to reward them by giving them the day off and hopefully force them to make friends.  However, I didn't want to sacrifice the strategically-staggered work schedule I so carefully setup to do so.  Then I thought, what if we can create and save different work schedules and switch to them on the fly?  

This could be useful in some cases (and this is probably a terrible use case) where you want your entire crew to take a nap after an expedited salvage from a solar flare+micrometeoroid dead-system derelict.  Yes - I attempt those.  

But then I wondered about the impact that could cause on logistics and maintenance workloads, in which case I'd most likely want them all to focus on a few priorities - and if it's possible to save different schedules, why not extend that the ability to priorities as well? 

Or at the very least, I'd even be happy if we can just get some booze on these ships.

Loving this game btw.


Like creating dummy crewmembers with no AI script attached but still with a schedule and why not, priorities ?
This way we could use them as templates and just copy-paste the schedules as needed.

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