[Explanation required] Inner mechanics of Water collector and gaz scrubber


Those recycling mechanics are a great idea. It's only my first playthrough and i feel they don't allow a ship to be self-sufficient which makes sense anyway.

For the water collector, i've read it produces 200th of water every 150 for every units of vapor it grabs. I assume it is based on the ticks of an invisible clock.
- how often does the tick occur ? ( 1thouthandth of an in-game day ? an in-game minute ? )
- what is the collector's reach ?
  * Does it substract 150 units of vapour from the whole "atmosphere" each tick ?
  * Does it instead grab only the vapour present on the collector's tile when there is then waits to stack 150 units in an invisible buffer before outputting 0.002 water in the collector ?
  => if so, i noticed the collector's tile regularly goes to 0 units of vapour does that mean the collector collects vapour every one tick out of two ? like so
   tick - X vapour collected on the device's tile
   tick - 0 vapour left on the tile, no collection
   tick - X vapour present on the tile, collection...
and so on.

The question may sound a bit useless and far fetched at first, so let's give it a use case.
Right now, i'v got 21 growbeds + the water purifier in a room that's 93 tiles big. The vents are closed most of the time. Average vapour is about 70 units per tile. So it seems like the water collector is outraced by the growbeds, good for me. Let's not talk about CO2 in this room, since it's not relevant in this question.
I'm aiming to reach as much self-sufficiency i can. If a high rate of vapour means it reach 1 unit of vapour quicker, that's a point. If adding a second collecter means it completly depletes the vapour uin the room, then i'm screwed since i'll have to wait for each collector to grab 500 x 150 units of vapour in X cycles each Y long so i can have 2 units of water.

It's been a bit long to redact, i'm not really used to write problematics down. Please feel free to tell me if the way i wrote it is confusing, i'll try to put it another way.

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