Drafted -> Unconscious -> Not drafted


A suggestion regarding the drafting mechanic.
Right now if a crew member is drafted, becomes unconscious and then wakes up again it becomes not drafted. While this is generally fine while on the ship it is very annoying when exploring a derelict. I would very much prefer if while on a derelict they remained drafted after waking up.


no, this will unrealistic.
Lose, lose much, more lose is more learn.


Please explain to me how this is unrealistic as I cannot see it.
I am quite sure that when living on a space ship under these conditions you quite quickly regain your priorities after waking up, especially when you are on a derelict full of aliens.


Wait maybe understand what is drafted for you?
Me never happen that becomes unconscius lost member of members list ship.
Lose, lose much, more lose is more learn.


Maybe it is possible to play the game in different languages, I play in English.
When you "draft" a crew member you get control of him/her, used for example when exploring derelicts.
You draft a crew member by clicking the "draft" button, it is part of the tutorial.
My point is that when a drafted crew member (under player control) becomes unconscious and wake up again it is no longer drafted.
If he/she is in a fight with aliens he/she will do nothing and just aimlessly walk around, which is annoying.


Ah yes is a problem.
I think che variable drafted go reset in default to 0 when unconscious .
Lose, lose much, more lose is more learn.

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