Few suggestions after 24/7 gameplay


Quick fixes.
Mass problems.
1.Mass from blackhole. (1 base metals + 1 carbon = 5 steel plates, 1 raw chem = 5 chem,
5 steel plates + 5 chem = 10 rockets. 3 mass =  10 mass.)
2.Water to blackhole. (0.7 water per food => ~0.2 water from toilet, 0.1 from bio matter,
<0.1 from vapor)
Trade system and economic:
1.Fix buying anything for cheap and useless fabrics or chemicals. Added value of production should be not more 20-40%. (Fibers 100 cr -> Fabrics 24-28 cr + worktime 5-10 cr + energy + tech level 2-5 cr)
2.Separate essential (food, medicals, water, fuel, energy) goods and other. Ships can sell own essential goods and die. I did it.
3.Buy/sell price should not be so high. 10-20% - ok. (120 - sell, 80 - buy)
4.Why no one not using solar panels or production buildings?
I saw one suicidal raid by an alien ship. I saved them all, but they lost their ship.

Suggestions. (not hard to implement)

1. More hazard gases and smoke from refinery and fabricators. Production should be harmful.
2. Hazard gases should be hazard and have corrosive action.
3. Gas scrubbers should be less effective
4. Scanner should work on abandoned ship (showing moving enemies at least)
5. Rockets should do more damage to aliens on abandoned ships
6. Space surviving in is not about finding resources. Space has LOT of resources, huge comets from gigatons of water, ferum and carbon for example. Main problem - refine raw resources and hazard waste.
7. Mineral asteroids spawn, and ai mining.
8. Huge asteroids with deep mining and refinery stations.
9. 1 hour in in hyperspace per jump looks nice. 8 hours - better for me. Option - excellent.
10.Science not about only unlock tech tree, but also about production optimization and upgrades. (solar panels, generators power output, energy capacity of energy storage, production speed or automated production, etc) In late game all scientists useless and go to work haulers. Unlock tech tree should be faster, but not effective production output.
11.Ship weapons:
-mass drivers/railgun (high energy cost, high hull penetrate chance, low damage, ammo from steel plates)
-lasers (high accuracy, high energy cost and heat production, ignore hull and shields heats internals of enemy ship, causes fire)
-EMP beam (high accuracy, high energy cost, medium heat, high damage to shields, drain power from target power sources, disables buildings)
-proton accelerator (high accuracy, high energy cost, produce oxygen, use water as ammo or hydrogen from electrolyser, normal damage to shields, no damage to hull, hurt personnel inside ship, small damage to internal buildings)
12.Personnel weapons and equipment
-Grenades (HE+frag (explosive reaction releases some co2), Incendiary (with oxidizer, work in vaukum), flash, smoke (smoke gones to hull holes and not work in vacuum))
-Ballistic shields
-Sidearms (Carry shotgun/assault rifle + pistol/smg)
-Melee weapon
-First aid packs (boost energy, stop bleed for time)
13.Boost scanner range. He useless now.
14.Automatic switch on/switch off energium generation (based on stored power level)

Hard to implement suggestions.
1.Nuclear reactors, uranium refine, radiation, radiation sickness from damaged nuclear reactor,
surface nuclear wasting and space radiation. RTG heat/electrical source from radioactive waste
(with ~100 day halflife)
2.Transport rollers.
3.Rimworld-like job scheduler. Guys to much walk around instead work.
4.Options for anything, official mod support. It make game MUCH MORE replayable.
5.Offline AI mining, trade, wars, building ships, etc. Universe should live without player.
Player must be part of universe.
6.Drones. Transport, battle, firefighting, scout modifications. (+drone attack trough hull FTL-like)
7.All equipment (blocks) must have guaranteed lifetime. After end of lifetime it should be repaired
with replace spare parts (block) and get old scrap back. Lifetime depends of intensity of work.
Selling used blocks (full price) it is good deal for any trader of course.
8.Trading overhaul. Now they just jump around and buy everything, that they has not.

sorry for mistakes

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