Some feedback

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Have the tutorial that says to build 2 hyperdrives explain why you should build two, I assume it's so that you don't go over the mass capacity but I have yet to figure out what effect being over it has.

I wish normal start had a few more infra blocks, though it's a decent way to force you learn which structures use them so it might be fine as is.

Previous and Next view mode being bound to G and F by default feels off since it makes pressing the button on the left make selection in the UI showing the view mode go to right and vice versa. I'd suggest just swapping them.

There is no select next/previous crew member buttons.

Override was confusing before I figured out how it works, I assumed I need to click the override button after deciding on the settings, not sure how to make it clearer that it happens right away and closing the settings page removes it.

Is there a benefit to people sleeping with full energy? If not making them wake up on their own would be nice so I don't have to do do it manually.

Showing the Jump button and stuff left behind icons all the time(perhaps somewhere around top right of screen) when preparing for a hyperjump would allow doing other stuff while waiting for everything to be ready.

Finding a suitable zoom level on the galaxy map can be annoying in some cases, option to have the game guess at what would be ideal zoom and camera position could be nice, something like 1: show connected nodes. 2: Show the whole starsystem. 3: Show stars in the system. 4: Show connected Systems. 5: Show all systems.

Showing % of how much of a starship you've explored would be nice, it'd make it clear if you've missed some tiny room or if there are still enemies around.

I couldn't figure out what C(Look at) does.

When a crew status page is open and I have something other than overall mood selected it'd be nice if selecting a different person wouldn't change it back to overall mood.

Saving in the middle of docking a shuttle cancels the order on load(at least when drafted)

Sometimes when there are bunch of issues I'm aware of I miss it when a new one appears, it might help if right clicking on them would make them greyed out or otherwise make them visually less noticeable than new issues. Not sure what it should do when a "stack" of same type issues gets a new one, not stacking the new one until it's also right clicked might be best but just removing the greying out could also work even if in some cases maintaining it might be desirable(ie. I know everyone's starving no need to alert me when someone new starts starving).

I really wish you could bind button combinations.

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