Changes from first iteration to current build input

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Kickstarter backer here, and follower since kickstarter to current build.
A few noticeable changes that i can't say are good.

- Power system, i get the idea was to make it easier. But its not easier, and is more hassle now.
- Our solar power system is now useless or just about. We can nolonger easily run our ships off of complete solar energy, which would of been nice but nolonger can we setup arrays of backup power for such situations, and backup batteries for the advanced power will not charge with out a generator that generates advanced power.
- Power distribution, removing power supplying modules, and then setting two seperate power situations. I think its a great idea for the generators to inheriently have built in backup power, but.. only for standard power? Why? Why not both advanced (limited like 1 or 2k?) and standard (which is defaulted at 50k?) These backup power supply tiers should go up based on iteration of generator in use (IE tier 1, 2, and 3 go up by say 15-25k backup storage for standard, and 1-3k in advanced power)
- Split power grid system, I lost the ability to split my power grid in my space ship. Yes it makes sense for the entire ship to be interconnected as far as power goes overall for sub systems, but now, it feels a bit more restrictive. I can't segregrate power grids on a singular ship anylonger, and have intricate emergency power IE, solar power/power backups at seperate locations. Would be nice to beable to segregrate power once again, or give us some sort of power grid control/seperation of power draw and what is pulling off of it. (I don't see why you wouldn't give us the option to have double the power options, we can choose a power system from the get go on play through, or per ship being built, one where we use the old power system or one on the new one, it would make it alot easier overall for controlling power, whats used and how its used).

Thats just my gripes/thoughts on the new power system vs old one.

- Robots, Now the feedback on robots.
-Charging, they eat through power no matter what. I cannot apropriately (until i practically get through at least 5-10 solar systems with its handful of planets within), max out research, and built a overwhelming number of power supplies.
- Im running into logistic issues. The salvage bots are great, except t they and logistic bots eats through my energy cell supply faster than i can replenish the energium, and build that into energy rods which then gets recycled into energy cells. (at least early on) Its not very easy what so ever. I mean it is once i play a good couple of hours but it isn't till i basically research all things and then break down my space ships and their funtions by 1 space ship using 1 ship point and dedicating each space ship to separate functions (like food ship, weapons ship, building ship, a little bit of all of the above ship), refugee/prisoner ship.
- That said... the robots are extremely helpful initially but their massive energy cost, in many cases can be more of a hinderance to keep them up and operational and seem way less beneficial. I think this was done on purpose so folks like me don't setup fleets of salvagers and get massive gains for little loss. Would be nice to have construction bots and drones, or even access to having androids that only consume power/energy cells for supplementing a robotic army for work and effort (working alongside the human crew, and in that case, having heavy power demands or requirements of AI sub stations of some sort that eat up 1-3 hardpoint nodes) so that players don't heavily abuse drones per ship. Would help in this situation.
- I'd also love to see some sort of combat robot, that is just a gunner drone, think of the turret but moving, same system and all except it is mobile, and can be player controlled IE moved, still just as weak, but maybe more resource hungry? Has the possibility of being disabled by some sort of laser/emp based weaponry or something of the sort (or jamming, which can also jam auto turrets as well).
- With that i'd also suggest implementing a hacking system for hacking enemy defenses, like raiding ships that can hack our ship to ship boarding ships. Maybe one to hack augmented players defenses, or robots as well (To like detonate for example or disarm their weapons for a set time, etc..)

- Turret system,
- Recharge/repairing turrets is a massive pain. At least we have a option though, i would I like to see a recharge/repair stations for turrets (a structure where we can drop our turrets off to repair/recharge them and our existing remote control laptop that can be recharged, or a quick charge cell or something equipment or augment that helps with that) as those precious few seconds waiting is also time ticking away where resources are being ate up in addition to possible loss or severe damage of our guys we send to check deralics, or raid enemy bases/ships. Would make sense to make it a automatic features where the repair station repairs and recharges turrets from advanced power, and then it gets dumped back into whatever storage is setup or in general where the turrets can be stored.

- Food System,
- It needs work. I don't understand why we can't create rations, emergency food packs, or anything of the sort, the other factions can build space food, and packs of meal kits, but we the player cant? That takes away from easier to store food system IF we so choose, but we should beable to decide if rations or whatever are made (to help reduce the overall burden on the food strain per space ship ingeneral). Would make sense though to have some sort of field ration, or storeable food pack thats a complete nutritional kit like what the other npc's can sell and manufacture to sell to us players.

- Medical system,
- Augementations, this is pretty awesome overall, i can't see much improvement from the current system beyond offering more variety of augmentations
- Medical kits... would as the name implies, has a set of stuff able to be used for medical purposes... say, someones on a bed, or just ingeneral hurt during a raid. Would be nice to have a medic character whos sole job, besides being a combatant able to use medical kits to patch guys up in the field (in addition to allowing our characters to patch themselves up with emergency kits or something to stop the bleeding like a tourniquet), or stimulant pack or cooagulant agent for emergency healing/patching (i get augmentations seems to be a filler for this currently but... it would emphasis the importance of having medical kits beyond use on medical beds).

Now the positives...

- Robots, in general were a major needed item, primarily to help reduce the massive burden on the humans, it was great forward thinking to ensure their not restricted solely to their ship they are assigned/built on, and that the logistics isn't flight based but ground based (forcing ship transporation), vs the salvage drones floating and being able to not need a ship for space ship to space ship transporation (or salvaging).
- I think the power system with everything interconnected is great, but i honestly feel like alot was lost to the depth and abilities of the system. Perhaps making a revamped power system tying in the old interconnected system of some sort allow segeregration of standard and backup to be done for a variety of reasons (or it is either one or the other on a per spaceship built case scenario). Maybe call the research advanced power management or something of the sort.
- Alot more depth it seems to combat with the turrets, that makes a more strategic play, glad its not like turrets can be a end all be all, but it would be nice to also have portable field barriers players can setup or build, and deploy (IE think of a pop up energy shield/barrier that just gets deployed like a turret but its sole job is just to be for cover, it of course pools from the remote terminal or some sort of battery pack system to replenish its energy, it only depletes on successful block/hit of enemy dps, and when energy is completely depleted for powering shield/barrier, it has like say 20hp and just blows up like turrets do)

All in all, i enjoy the game alot, and am having a ton of fun playing it. Just some mechanics that are present in rim world, that aren't present in this game is something i do miss.

Anyway keep up the good work, hope to see more in the coming months/years of the project.. I only posted a better wording of what i've been posting in the steam forums since it was easier for me to post in the steam forums over using the bugbyte forums. i'll try my best to post that stuff here when i can. Feedback, suggestions, and all besides in the game app itself.

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