Battlestation: Harbinger Kickstarter is a success! Epic game coming up!


@EndlessWar. Awesome to have you on board, Commander! We have some major content updates coming for Harbinger, so stay tuned. Enjoy the games!


I've seen some people play Battlestation: Harbinger on youtube. And as I cant find a way to purchase the game for pc I was wondering if how to get Battlestation: Harbinger for pc (or do I have to wait for it to be realeased for steam ?)

Anyway cant wait to play.


@Von Lemming. Greetings, Commander! Yes you have to wait to the Steam release to play on PC unfortunately. But on the positive side, the game will be in a much better shape then! We are planning to release on Steam in January or February 2016. So it is not super long time to that.

You can also play the game on mobile already now, Android and iOS. We are working hard to push a new update for mobile as well. We might be able to put some of the new Extended Edition features for Christmas on mobile!


How i can get the Early access, i buy the game from the star i am one of the firsth of buying the game, i can get the Early Access???


@Pautaniik. You will get the update once we release it on mobile! The PC game early access is for the Kickstarter backers who pledged for the Early Access. But if you have the game you will get the update on mobile once we release, so don't worry!

We are not quite sure yet when we will update the mobile but we are working hard to make it as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


If i buy harbinger for Android, and i want to play it on PC i have to buy it on Steam or there is a way to get it "free".


@Santiago2812. The game has to be purchased separately on each platform. So yes, you would have to buy it on Steam separately if you want to play on PC.


This is sweet, looked for FTL and found this awesome game.I have a question,will there be new ships with more than 2 drone slots?


@Mongoose. Yes, at least one Wink We are working on a big update right now, will update the game before Christmas. But the new ships will most likely be added in the final Extended Edition update in January or February.


Admiral! I have an inquiry , suggest that u update the game around christmas , what should we expect to be added , the new backgrounds? the new enemies?

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