Battlestation: Harbinger Kickstarter is a success! Epic game coming up!


It would me awsome if we could select our ships from hotkeys that at the same time could show the ships' hull.


Only discovered Battlestation today :/

Happy to hear the kickstarter was a success, but, is there a way for those of us that just discovered the game to contribute monetary wise?

either way, will be buying the game when it becomes available on Steam.


@ShadesElfen. Hmm, we might think about that! Right now there is no way. Shame you discovered only today, how did you discover Battlestation by the way?


Admiral Geezer I have a question when is the early access going to be available for Battlestation Harbinger and is it going to be available to a steam key


Before Christmas! But it is only for players on PC, who backed with the "Early Access" pledge on Kickstarter. They paid a lot of extra for it. If you are one of them then awesome! Smile We will contact you through Kickstarter and give you a link to download it. It will not yet be on Steam then, but you will get a Steam key once the game is released. All of this if you are a backer on our Kickstarter.


add a mine spreading turret
upgrades/ damage /range /reload /salvo
range 450 +50 -25
mine detonation range 100
mine hull 100
ranged detonation time 3 seconds
hull damage 100 +20 -10
shield damage 0
reload 10 -1 -2 -1
accuracy 100
salvo 3 +1

spreads with a cone formation that ends out at a straight line fired from the same window as teleport so u can draw a line for the mines to fire too.
invisible until in detonation range making the detonation time a chance to kill the mine insta detonates on collision with Any enemy ship and has a 2 sec arm time.

just a whim Wink


it didnt load upgrades properly
salvo +1 salvo -10 damage hull -25 range +1 reload time -5 accuracy
range +50 range +1 reload time -5 accuracy
hull damage +20 hull damage
reload -2

accuracy affects the looseness of the line the mines are distributed on


Thx Admiral Geezer it my Steven Christopher from Kickstarter thanks for the information that I back the early access because my computer has no use right now and I need a game come out so I can actually use my computer Admiral Geezer


Hi there Christopher!

Sure, you will get something to play on your computer for Christmas! Wink


Like ShadesElfen up above, I just recently got introduced to this game through a hearty search on the App Store. Came up at the top when I search "space tactical ship".

So far I have loved every moment of it. Played nearly this whole weekend while on a trip. If I could've been here for the Kickstarter, I would have easily dropped money to help support this-I NEED MORE SPACE SHIPS IN MY LIFE! (A la my Phone)

Anyway, I will continue to partake in whatever comes out from you guys. You got a new loyal fan. Big Grin Downloaded First Contact as well to further get my fix. Big Grin

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