Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Missiles must NOT ignore shields,IMO.


AdmiralGeezer, I'm on a T-Mobile S5, android 5.0.

Nikita, I think energy and projectile cannons are okay, now. They were cheap starter weapons, and now, they behave like them. I don't think they were ever supposed to be 'cheap awesome'. A lot of upgrades are still really weak though - for instance, laser cannon's damage upgrades seem underwhelming. Perhaps it's to compensate for the instant-hit nature of lasers? Though, reduced range seems to do a good job of that. (DEATH RAYS ARE AWESOME!)

Previously, there was no reason to use anything else, even rare weapons you could find in containers. One energy cannon and a fleet of projectile cannons ruled the skies. (That is, until bolters got involved.)

As for missiles . . . ignoring shields seems to be their thing. It's what sets rockets missiles and nukes, apart from other weapons as a class.. If you don't think point defense isn't proficient at shooting them down, perhaps point defense should be buffed against missiles somehow, instead? I know I have had to do some acrobatics jumping in and out of some sectors to survive missile-heavy encounters. I'm right now in the middle of a game where I met five ships - three with two missile/rocket batteries - and had my entire, heavily upgraded fleet stripped away until it was just me. I'm in the next galaxy, and still rebuilding from that.

I find that in the new balance, laser point defense with one hull damage upgrade is actually very handy on PD.

I also find an increased difficulty - largely from ships with an increased number of fighter bays. Enemies carrying heavy fighter complements have been tearing me up, especially when they show up in groups.

It took me a long time to find death rays and photon cannons, but both of these are fun. (Even though "photon cannon" basically means laser. I guess it could technically be something exotic like a maser or x-ray or gamma laser, but still, some kind of 'aser'.)

I like the increased variety in station supply . . . however, it'd be nice if there were a way to update their supply. Pay money to turn over the stock, or maybe stock turns over when you complete that station's quest.


Almost forgot. It'd be interesting to see bolters get a range upgrade. With this, they would have the potential to be hands-down, your best small-guns option, but they'd be fantastically expensive to upgrade.

Worthwhile upgrades for other small guns would be nice, too - right now, they're almost not worth upgrading at all, except that lasers benefit from one point of hull damage for point defense purposes. Everything else is better invested in hangars and big guns.


I kept this post open while playing, to see what came to mind.

I notice that the mega plasma cannon seems handier, now.

Not a fan of time-limited missions. But onnd the other hand, it does introduce a new element . . . but all but the main mission you can circumvent by not taking the mission until you have no other time limits.

Hull drain and environmental hazard sectors show up sometimes, in series, in choke points. This creates a disproportionately difficult gauntlet where you have to fight, take damage from the environment, and can't repair - even the repair turret doesn't seem to work in them. These are especially brutal when they're the chokepoint to a difficult sector like the map end - a tough sector that you go into damaged, and can't retreat from without risking losing ships, even if you AREN'T pursued.

One thing that has bugged me forever - buttons need to respond to TAPS ONLY. I have more than once entered a sector by scrolling the map, and lifting my finger while it's over the 'travel' button. I pause all the time, and accidentally open the map all the time, because I scroll the screen, and my finger lifts from those buttons. Buttons need to respond to taps only, not when they're on the end of a swipe or flick path.

Lastly . . . an "I changed my mind" button would be nice for autotravel, permitting you to stop autotravel at the next sector you enter.


Not all games we will get to use a crazy new weapon. Even after finishing first default mission to the 3rd one before the last so far in the games I've played max I got for crazy new weapons is 3. But never ones 2. The last hard game I got was 1 only. Plus everything is random from the first attestation game you have. Well that's good. Was thinking if we could suggest more, as in possible ideas of weapons that pops put randomly in different games, will it increase the possibility of us getting more then 2 per game some of us love using different weapons with different effect at the same time. Well I suggest a weapon with the effect of fireworks. Fire it up to a range, it blows up splash damage around the area. But well this means charge time will take longer if it damages alot unless it has a super long range but peanut/small damage.

Anyway I did found another glitch or something other then those I reported earlier.

Was playing hit and run in hard mode and finally I found a hole in the enemy's defence. When I got to the system, I took out 3 enemy ships and there was suppose to be a 4th. Noticed it appears the ship ran from the battle to the top right corner of the screen but i have cleared from my screen I can see I have cleared the map due to scrap and items started to head towards my ship for collection automatically. Basically this problem I noticed is the other way of the fighters flying out of screen problem that was reported and the daughter's one is it will fly to the left side. But this does not even show the ship heading left and is not detected as an enemy as weapons are not firing at the direction but when I go to my map to select a new system to travel to, the enemy ship is clearly still there at the corner right side of the map I'm still in.
Tried flying to another system then checked back on map the ship appears on the bottom left corner. Travel back in expected positioning beside that ship. When arrive here was nothing there. No enemy ship,nothing yet maps still shows it's there

Could be because the game spawned too many enemyships and finally I took out one of the main base when it's about to spawn in the new turn or something.


I had a thought . . . assign a scrap value to upgrade modules, so that you can pay for station weapons in pure scrap. This will have a few effects.

First, it'll give us a much deeper scrap-sink to pour scrap into, especially if upgraded weapons are much more expensive per upgrade module already invested.

Second, it will give players an indirect and inefficient way to buy upgrade modules through scrap, if they're desperate for them - buy upgraded weapons at great expense, then sell them to get a fraction of the cost back in modules.

Third, even unwanted weapons in stations will have a use, for players that have an overwhelming amount of scrap.


Mostly already mentioned, but my thoughts on the upgrade:

- I play on a Samsung 8" tablet. Can share more details.
- Enemy ship flew off screen, can't kill it.
- The containers that could be a trap or a bonus have been 100% traps.
- Picked up a Celestial Repair Beam, but it won't repair anything. My partner ship and my drones were both damaged and it didn't do anything.
- Side note, previously I had repair beams and I still had to pay for repairs. What's the point in buying a repair beam if it doesn't save me cash in the long run?
- Weapons are better balanced, but if I load up on missiles and warp in on top of the enemy, he dies really quick. I'd say keep it so missiles ignore shields, but make them a little easier to target by gatling or bolters so they're not the "I win" button. Right now, if I have a fleet of drones to block enemy missiles and a ton of my own missiles, I crush you.
- There shouldn't be a time limit on the main mission. I like it on some of the side missions to force me to focus, but on the "destroy the enemy base" mission shouldn't have one, or it forces me to choose.

I think that's it for now. Great progress!


I love this update! I like the NPCs and I like the new quests at the bases and I like the fact that the enemy ships can run away to now. I'm having the same troubles with the fighters running to the edge of the screen and not being able to engage them. And the text at the beginning of the missions cuts off at the edges of the screen and is hidden by the page and check mark buttons. Love it guys keep up the great work.


Do you feel the game has become better now?

Yes much better balance and enhanced challenge.
What difficulty do you usually play, do you find it easy or too hard now?
As of now. Easy. I played 3 times and won once.. Lost the one normal game I played. But that's not bad.

Are there too weak or too powerful Turrets/Drones in your mind? Which ones?

Bolters are still king. I like how you upgraded bombers but they still spend most of the game slowly trying to get into position. Suggested up grade, let them turn faster that will make them more workable as opposed to just using bolters and only bolter drones for ever.

Do you get a suitable amount of Scrap/Upgrade points? Too little or too much?
In easy it fe!t fine.
In my one normal game I felt like a pauper the entire time

Is one game too short or too long?

Game length felt fine

What would you still like to see in the game?

Better bombers . I like bombers.
a reason to use fighters or something other than bolter drones
More secondary dropped. Major guns you find all the time, small ones are super rare to find, which I feel a bit odd.
A way to build the fancy strange human weapons like the Vulcan or tractor beam

A bit more back story for each race in game.

Can ships in formation please travel at the same speed and in formation. I'm tired of loosing my chimera carriers because they are the fastest ship in my flotilla.

What other feedback do you want to give us? Anything you feel could be better?

Ship movement it still feels slow and ponderous even with small fast ships.

Standard bug of escaping fighters that won't let me finish a sector.
And one other bug where I lost my ship but not my fighters then the game crashed and I had to start over.

Bombers. Make em turn faster and shoot a bit faster. Some reason to take something other than. Bolter drones.


Unsure what cause this, or how to replicate. I left a nebula to enter a region with a friendly base in it - the start point. The screen was empty space - no units, not even my flagship, and background for the base region. On the map, when I highlighted the base, it gave me the option to travel there, tracing the route from the nebula, but the base sector now read as empty. (Not even my own ship.) I tried travelling to a third sector - this succeeded, but my ship never came back.

When I entered a sector with an enemy in it, that enemy moved close to the move-to icon, then stopped. When I leapt back to the base, nothing changed. There was no hyperspace animation, and on the map, the base sector now indicated that it had no base, but instead only a single enemy - the one I was still with.

At one point, jumping around, enemy ships jumped in . . . but all exploded the moment they arrived.

I do see hyperspace 'wooshes' when I jump, however the 'move' circle never dissapears. However, when I bought an additional ship, this ship stayed in formation exactly as if my flagship was invisible, not just gone.

Dropped items issue from the invisible ship's position as expected, and though I didn't take the opportunity to test, I expect loot would collect there as well.

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