Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Mostly already mentioned, but my thoughts on the upgrade:

- I play on a Samsung 8" tablet. Can share more details.
- Enemy ship flew off screen, can't kill it.
- The containers that could be a trap or a bonus have been 100% traps.
- Picked up a Celestial Repair Beam, but it won't repair anything. My partner ship and my drones were both damaged and it didn't do anything.
- Side note, previously I had repair beams and I still had to pay for repairs. What's the point in buying a repair beam if it doesn't save me cash in the long run?
- Weapons are better balanced, but if I load up on missiles and warp in on top of the enemy, he dies really quick. I'd say keep it so missiles ignore shields, but make them a little easier to target by gatling or bolters so they're not the "I win" button. Right now, if I have a fleet of drones to block enemy missiles and a ton of my own missiles, I crush you.
- There shouldn't be a time limit on the main mission. I like it on some of the side missions to force me to focus, but on the "destroy the enemy base" mission shouldn't have one, or it forces me to choose.

I think that's it for now. Great progress!

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