Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Do you feel the game has become better now?

Yes much better balance and enhanced challenge.
What difficulty do you usually play, do you find it easy or too hard now?
As of now. Easy. I played 3 times and won once.. Lost the one normal game I played. But that's not bad.

Are there too weak or too powerful Turrets/Drones in your mind? Which ones?

Bolters are still king. I like how you upgraded bombers but they still spend most of the game slowly trying to get into position. Suggested up grade, let them turn faster that will make them more workable as opposed to just using bolters and only bolter drones for ever.

Do you get a suitable amount of Scrap/Upgrade points? Too little or too much?
In easy it fe!t fine.
In my one normal game I felt like a pauper the entire time

Is one game too short or too long?

Game length felt fine

What would you still like to see in the game?

Better bombers . I like bombers.
a reason to use fighters or something other than bolter drones
More secondary dropped. Major guns you find all the time, small ones are super rare to find, which I feel a bit odd.
A way to build the fancy strange human weapons like the Vulcan or tractor beam

A bit more back story for each race in game.

Can ships in formation please travel at the same speed and in formation. I'm tired of loosing my chimera carriers because they are the fastest ship in my flotilla.

What other feedback do you want to give us? Anything you feel could be better?

Ship movement it still feels slow and ponderous even with small fast ships.

Standard bug of escaping fighters that won't let me finish a sector.
And one other bug where I lost my ship but not my fighters then the game crashed and I had to start over.

Bombers. Make em turn faster and shoot a bit faster. Some reason to take something other than. Bolter drones.

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