Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Unsure what cause this, or how to replicate. I left a nebula to enter a region with a friendly base in it - the start point. The screen was empty space - no units, not even my flagship, and background for the base region. On the map, when I highlighted the base, it gave me the option to travel there, tracing the route from the nebula, but the base sector now read as empty. (Not even my own ship.) I tried travelling to a third sector - this succeeded, but my ship never came back.

When I entered a sector with an enemy in it, that enemy moved close to the move-to icon, then stopped. When I leapt back to the base, nothing changed. There was no hyperspace animation, and on the map, the base sector now indicated that it had no base, but instead only a single enemy - the one I was still with.

At one point, jumping around, enemy ships jumped in . . . but all exploded the moment they arrived.

I do see hyperspace 'wooshes' when I jump, however the 'move' circle never dissapears. However, when I bought an additional ship, this ship stayed in formation exactly as if my flagship was invisible, not just gone.

Dropped items issue from the invisible ship's position as expected, and though I didn't take the opportunity to test, I expect loot would collect there as well.

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