Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Well seems plenty of people beat me to the punch regarding alota bugs, but one thing i see wasn't reported was the fact that mercenaries do not function correctly (Explanation isn't definitive enough, i paid for a mercenary for 7 turns, and warped to the next map and the mercenary didn't warp with me), it should state mercenaries stay with you only for the map, not solely for jumps involved in the current map (meaning it doesn't carry over to the next map), otherwise everything else everyone listed is the same as what i woulda already reported.

Oh and im running a HTC One M8, M7, and HTC Evo 4G phone devices (when i ran tests). Story line also seems to never end, it constantly goes onto more story lines, and just lets you run through everything (is their ever a end? I completed 5 "stories" so far and seemed some were overlapping)

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