Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Main point at the start is take out main objectives with turn limit. i used the best ship that has no hanger-bay port, 5 slots to build red weapons, by luck i always start with missile turrets. did not invest in blue weapons until all 5 slots of red weapons are filled with missile turrets. ones you get a chance to upgrade the turrets rate of fire, do so. don't waste resources on repairing your ship, always try to get to a friendly base to heal.

i don't directly jump in beside the enemy all the time as they will have near ranged weapons. For the start i purchase only red weapons, missile turrets that only cost 650 and has a long range so basically jumping in very near to enemy ships, not fighters are additional damage that could be avoided. And avoiding damage means lesser turns used to run back to base to heal or lesser resources used to repair ships on the spot.

1 other way to make your base safer is to hire mercenarys for just enough turns to fly to a fount line base and leave them there. this way it will make it safer for yourself if being chased by enemy ships all the way to your front line base.

Don't sell the enemy homing beacon away until you think that it is time to progress to the next map. at the start if you get the beacon, you could lure the enemy ships away from the next system you would like to go to easily but activating the beacon in your current cleared system then jump towards the next map. most of the time the enemy will not leave the system that the beacon was activated on until another beacon is activated and they detect it but for some maps, i noticed that they will leave but if they do it is in small groups or 2 to 3. Note that in hard mode not all ships in the enemy systems will leave their main bases ungraded even after activating multiple beacons. so you will still need to face the enemy head on.

Or you could do a hit and run on the main objective that i did most of the time but most of the time i end up with huge loses like both my escort ships get taken out before i could get the objective.

Priority if you CAN destroy an enemy base, not necessary it must be an objective, do so quick before it build more ships later while you hit smaller targets.

After taking out the main objectives with turn limits for completion, it is best to stay in the map to clear out systems of enemy control and ships. Get those extra scrap or upgrades before going to the next map.

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