Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Loving the beta, a few bugs, lots of feedback and a few suggestions:
1. BUG - I picked up a flak cannon that was already maxed at 100 accuracy but it had the option of upgrading the accuracy further. Here is a picture:
[Image: d450a566]
2. BUG - Love the new environments however asteroids just disappear when they collide with a big ship which looks weird. An explosion or impact effect would make it look much better.
3. FEEDBACK - Do the beacons need to be race specific or can they just be generic for all races? As others have pointed out they don't stack properly and I've never seen them working as intended. This would make the beacon mechanic simpler too.
4. FEEDBACK - New weapons are good, however occasionally bump into a single enemy that can wipe out my fleet in a matter of seconds due to them having a high level weapon. This is kind of expected, but it would feel better if higher power weapons were reserved for boss areas or for the nemesis rather than random ships.
5. FEEDBACK - Station-assigned missions would really benefit from a short bit of flavour text. Why do I need to fly to this sector, or retrieve this crate, or find this black hole?
6. FEEDBACK - like the idea, but feels like the mercenaries are too expensive at the moment to justify using them.
7. FEEDBACK - there is no real counter for rockets, they're too fast for fighters or point defense to shoot down and they bypass shields. They've kind of replaced the projectile cannon for me as the standard human weapon.
8. FEEDBACK - Teleports, escape pod, or shield boosts in the red slot are still fairly pointless as it is not worth losing the DPS from weapons to use them. Could these have a dedicated subsystem slot instead? This would encourage different play styles without the playing having to lose DPS.
9. SUGGESTION - Add some splash damage when larger ships or stations explode? At the moment there really isn't much benefit in keeping your distance from enemies when warping into a sector once you have flak cannons and nukes.

Hope these help, and I look forward to the final version.

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