Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Awesome update! The story text is properly spaced now and the fighters haven't run off map so far. I also love the visuals for the hazard sectors! They can make it quite a challenge, I had to pass through one to get to the final base and it made it a bit difficult to show up with now shields. Smile

I like the new variety of bases and that you can get missions from them and from mercenaries. The mercenaries are cool but a bit expensive early on--but great for luring enemies into that sector.

Play balance seems pretty good to me. I know hard is supposed to be, well, hard, but it can be difficult to outfit a ship in the beginning to be able to do much. Especially with a timed mission to start.

I've had two strange things happen. I've only seen each happen once, but I'll report anyway.

At one point in a Trolgar galaxy, my ships suddenly appeared in the destination sector facing a different way than they flew in like usual. That happened for each jump after that (I think they were always oriented facing the top of the screen) in that galaxy. I made it to the next galaxy and my ships were back to normal.

In a Celestial galaxy my ship sprite disappeared. I would get the jump animation, but no ship visible. Enemy ships, my starbase, and hazards did not react to me. I exited the program and came back and all was well and I was where I was supposed to be. Hasn't happened since.

Awesome job, thanks!
Nexus 7 Android 4.4.4

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