Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Hello everyone , i have not read all the messages so sorry if this was here already

Game is much harder now, which is good, I played for one day and barely touched second sector even on easy

Feedback -
1) I think short range weapons are pointless , my best results were with buying missile launcher for 650 and upgrading damage once and burst twice so there are 3 missiles doing 40 damage across the map, i think its new master plan + enemy fighters trying to catch them so it drags their attention.
Pretty much i think missiles and rockets are too good, they should not bypass shield, i just got raped by one ship with 2 heavily upgraded rocket launchers that sent 6 rockets in total for 70damage each and you just cant do ANYTHING about it,you will be destroyed before you can jump out and if you will he will jump after you and finish the rape. I think missiles should be just homing long range "cannons", so, big hull damage and small shield damage, and also maybe adding EMP missile to shut down shields at long range.
2) Choosing close combat weapon just doesnt work is this game, in early game maybe but later enemy will just kite you till you die.
2.1) Teleport should have separate button on screen, when you equip flak cannons you would like to be closer to enemy and use it on cooldown, when ship is not selected you have no idea is teleport ready or not which is bad thing in my opinion.
But overall teleport is pointless, you can only dodge rockets, regular guns will fire on your new position instantly and missiles will actually changing its course and still hit you with no problems.
2.2) This game needs blue slot engine speed upgrade and rotation speed upgrade so so much! its just so annoying when you try to chase enemy with 2000+ range rocket launcher and you can call it a day if you do it without dying.
3) I think missiles and rockets should not bypass shield and have increased hull for each rocket, its just to overpowered right now, everything about it, range, damage, fact that you dont care about shields at all, thats not good, i think it would be ok if missiles and rockets could have 30% higher damage than regular guns but with average 30% chance to destroy rocket so if your blaster is not busy it should be able to destroying some of them.
4) There should be option to set what red slot gun should do (like in original Battlestation games), sometimes my guns were trying to shoot enemy carrier with 2 repair guns (so i couldnt do anything to him) while 10 fighter this carrier spawned were having fun with my ship

1) sometimes shield fix gun shoots into nothing (while still fixing shield)
2) I tried red slot repair gun twice but it just doesnt work for me at all, doesnt want to repair anything

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