Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


More bugs:
- you can still warp for a moment after your ship blows up, meaning that you get the warp screen and appear in an empty sector THEN the game ends. Need to disable warp the instant hit points hit zero.
- the escort mission asks you to pay 400 scrap to take the mission, usually for much less scrap in return!
- if you decline the escort mission then the colony ship still warps into the sector. It doesn't follow you but seems odd.
- you couldn't decline the 'defend' mission when I played a couple of days ago. Not sure if still the case.
- Vulcan cannon damage upgrade reduces the fire rate but it still stays as 0.2.
- if you jump into an empty sector with no inbound enemies, your shield should recharge.
- game quitting exploits still exists. If you quit a sector with a weapon in space, equip the weapon, then quit and re-open the game then the weapon is both in space and equipped on your ship. Can Repeat to get the same weapon lots of times. Assume that the ship and space are saved separately?
- mission timer should expire when you hit 0, not 1.(maybe from a prior version)

Few (well, lots of) suggestions:
- rename the 'fly to sector' mission to be 'scout sector' mission. Fits the theme of exploration better.
- limit the number of times you can decline a mission from a battle station or ship.
- make the Vulcan cannon a weapon that can be purchased and make the nuke cannon a rare drop or reward instead.
- display hull and shield DPS (damage / fire rate) next to each weapon.
- ensure every mission offers a weapon as a reward. That will mean that there is the opportunity to get a weapon drop early from the first battle station mission.
- bring back the mission timers for battle station missions, gives a sense of focus and adds to the challenge. Agree the main missions shouldn't have a timer though, apart from maybe the last one with the unknown race.
- use a different icon to select each part of the race intro screen. Because it's the same as the mission icon it gets a bit distracting.
- have the name of the race as a title on the race intro screen as its not clear what each race is called. Maybe top-left. Keep it small enough not to interfere with the awesome artwork though.
- part of the difficulty and frustration is that most large enemy ships spam fighters which makes hard to get a hit in. If you don't have the firepower to destroy the fighters quicker than they can be replaced then you have to give up. Reduce the maximum number of fighters early game and drop the spawn rate. It is awesome to have large battles but it's too frustrating at the moment in the early game!
- reduce the hull damage values for the rocket. Missile does about 50 damage while rocket does 70 and can be quickly upgraded to over 120. Balance wise player should be trading speed for damage. At the moment the missile isn't a viable choice.

Also I agree with everything that Bailywolf wrote on the last page. The problem is that the early game is just wayyyy too difficult as you need both a way to damage both shields and hull very quickly so you can take on the bigger enemies and if you're not lucky with drops you're not going to have enough scrap to do it. I found normal to be pretty frustrating. Especially when dealing with ships that deploy fighter swarms.

Also yes the main benefit of drones is that they can do multiple roles and act as a distraction. That's a huge benefit to lose if you use a ship without a hanger and I'm not sure that extra hull makes up for it.

Also I'm really enjoying the beta and that you guys are updating so frequently. Nice to see things developing so well! As others have said though a detailed change log would really help us to give you feedback and avoid mentioning things you've already fixed.

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