Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Got some more play in, and have leveled from my restart up to 2nd, and unlocked the Raven.

I got to the fourth galaxy on Easy using Nightingale, and eventually had three in my fleet, but fell victim to a sector with four (!!!) Unknown Battlestations. I did get insanely lucky with drops that run, and had five celestial mega-plasma cannons in my squadron. Bolter drones really are the only game in town. I wish we could have rocket drones like the enemy.

I played on Normal and Hard and found it extremely difficult to make any progress with level 1 and 2 ships. Even the Raven's boosted hull didn't let me make progress on Hard. The drone-spam killed me deader than a tinned herring over and over. It didn't feel difficult, just unfair. With only an energy cannon and two bolters, I had no way to answer that kind of massed attack. Too many targets, not enough guns.

Easy feels about right for Normal now. Normal feels like hard. Hard feels like an insanity challenge level that unlocks after you beat the other difficulties.

If I was higher level, with better ships, it would help a little, but with alien battleships attacking within 3 jumps of start, then even with a capital ship there's no time to arm up enough to answer those threats. Multi-rocket barrages and drone swarms are impossible to deal with when you only have 800 scrap worth of kit.

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