Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Honestly, I'd prefer to see things like this worked into a drive equip rather than inherent to the ship model. I don't want to play with something substandard just because nothing at my level of accomplishment has the move characteristics I like.

Also, on a random note, remember that form has much less to do with manueverability in space. Your ship can be a fat pig and still outpace any other speed demon in the galaxy if it has a better thrust-to-mass ratio. Any and every ship should be capable of turning in place, or moving without turning, to a limited degree.

With the move characteristics I mentioned, movement without turning should automatically happen on any sufficiently short-distance move order. Turn-and burns would only happen when you're a good distance form the target - otherwise your ships would adjust facing (but not to use their engines,) and 'strafe' their way into their formations.

For dodging serious hurt though, I'd like to see real upgrades to the teleport equip. It's range is almost useless - you can't close with a missile ship or escape a brawl, and it doesn't recharge fast enough to dodge anything that fires more often than nukes. These are the only uses I see for enhanced mobility, and it's insufficient for all of these.

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