Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

some more thoughts on the difficulty question.

I find the difficulty wildly variable based on the quality of the random equipment drops from destroyed enemies and loot crates. One run, I score a death ray or mega-plasma early on, and clean house. That boost early in the game means less damage, which means more scrap saved on repairs which means better weapons and point defense which means less damage etc - get that rolling, and the difficulty setting doesn't seem to matter very much. But get stuck trying to build your fleet without decent drops with all the increasing repair costs sapping your resources, well... even Easy can seem surprisingly difficult.

I really really like the different alien weapons that drop. Finding a new gun is a hoot. I'm not sure how the drop frequencies figure into the difficulty setting, and how different weapon drops are weighted. Right now, the difficulty seems very swingy, and "easy" and "normal" and "hard" somewhat arbitrary once you pass the first half-dozen turns, and make up the scrap shortfall Hard gets you.

I don't know if this stuff is actually bad though. It does make the game seem pretty arbitrary, and less about my skill, and more about the random number generator.

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