Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Missile bombers are nice. Despite being tracking missiles, they're not terribly accurate against fighter-class ships, and with limited upgrades, they can't get overwhelming. I think the missile speed might be a bit high, but I've only so far entertained this guest in the early game.

I'm playing with basic weapons again. Projectile cannons are VERY nicely balanced, if I may say so. They are cheap, basic, and nothing special, but if you invest in them, they can be powerful - their burst is effective without hurting critical stats, and range is important enough that it's loss (and accuracy's loss, along with lower rate of fire) makes the projectile cannon harder to employ. The shield upgrade is weak, but it makes this a viable weapon if you really invest in them. (one shield upgrade and full burst upgrade makes them formidable, in groups.) Haven't messed with energy cannons much, but it looks like the same story - their range is less, but the lost range from burst is less, too, making it harder to bring to bear, but not useless, either.

I like Bolters. Gatlings/Lasers are now two sides of a coin - hull damage/shield damage - instead of tier II and Tier III. I worry that lasers may be too effective on hull damage - they're 66% as effective against hull versus their damage to shields, where gatlings are Bolters are now very interesting, having the best range, but worst starrting stats, and yet the potential to be VERY nice if you upgrade them. Still exploring the results of this.

Haven't explored Bolter drones yet. My next task is a drone-centric game, so expect feedback on that soon. I'll try to use various PD's on my three ships - gatling, laser, bolter - to see what they do for me, though honestly I often don't bother with small guns until late-game.

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