Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

So, after trying the missile bombers for a while here are my opinions....

They're slow, squishy and weak but after upgrades become quite strong. The upgrades for them have been done REALLY well in my opinion. At basic range they can be taken out very easily, which makes you want to upgrade their range, but doing that will reduce their damage. You have to make a decision on how you build your little fleets Wink

My only problem with them is the same as the other bomber (plasma?). Their rate of turn can often make them near useless. If they're facing the opposite was when you warp into a zone (or when something warps in) then it can take them a considerable amount of time to turn and get into firing position. I've lost my capital ships on several occasions because they end up flying around in an arc to try and turn to face the enemy. For me, this make drones a clear winner VS bombers because the drones can turn and get to an enemy far quicker then bombers, which in turn means anything will start taking damage quicker AND have a screen of ships to protect your capital ships from damage.

I think personally that bombers would benefit from an ROT increase of around 33%, perhaps a little more but it's hard to say without seeing them turn faster on screen and in a combat situation Wink

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