Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Agreed, the new update brings the game much closer to balance. The modifications to blue slot upgrade costs are a huge help. The changes to the laser REALLY worked for it, it absolutely is competitive as point defense now. Now that it works though, I do notice a problem. When multiple lasers shoot down a missile, they all have to recharge again before firing. Against large groups of missiles this makes lasers really struggle. Part of the reason the gatling and bolter work well is because they are great at handling many small targets. I recommend reducing the laser's recharge time to 0.5s, and just reducing the hull and shield damage by the same amount. The dps stays the same but the problem goes away.

Was something changed about rockets? It may just be me, but they seem easier to shoot down now.

The drone balance is better. Rocket bombers are really cool, as Marty said their balance feels well thought out. It does still seem that both bombers are weaker than bolter drones though. I don't think this is a bomber problem, instead I think it means bolter drones are too good. Bombers seem well balanced for taking out enemy capital ships. The problem is that bolter drones are good at that and at defense. I'll outline some suggestions for drones in another post.

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