Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Been playing with the missile bombers, and find them nicely balanced. The killer upgrade for them is range, and I like their attack behavior (surround at maximum range, and try put missiles up the pipes of the enemy ship). Not great against other more nimble fighters, but very good against heavy ships. I'm reminded of the B-Wing fighters from Star Wars - dedicated ship killers rather than dogfighters.

Bolter drones still seem like the best option though.

Missiles are a funny thing. I love it when I have the overwhelming missile advantage, but hate being on the receiving end.

I like their shield-penetrating effect, but wish there was a red-class module that could harden my shields against missiles. Trading a red mount for shields that can interdict missiles seems pretty reasonable. Or perhaps some kind of Decoy/ECM/EW system that messes with the accuracy of missiles. Perhaps along a similar line, a target-painting laser that does no damage, but increases the accuracy of all your fleet's weapons.

I've died to missile fire more than any other weapon. Trolgars are the worst. Give me celestials any day. Their reliance on short range energy weapons and repair beams and repair drones makes them much easier to kill.

The difficulty is still all over the place.

I think I'd like the option of getting more scrap at the game's start, perhaps as a direct debit to final score. Or starting out with the same scrap regardless of difficulty, to keep those first half dozen turns from being such a repetitive slog.


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