Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

@Hurikane211 - I actually see this as a redeeming feature for how difficult the early game is Smile Once I've done this 1-2 times I'm usually ready to start.

More feedback re "Special Sectors" - in general, this is a positive addition. However it does need some tweaks (+ improvement - needs work) :
- Right now, I avoid them if at all possible in the early game because they only hurt you. You either lose your shield, your hull, or are unable to run away from several opponents (see my previous point about how the early game is way too hard)
- The logic behind spawning them needs update. I'm playing a game right now (run number 12) where there are FIVE OF THEM in a row. Once I've gone through them, I have no shields, decreased hull, and have had no chance to repair. The next sector, of course, has enemy units.
- You should be able to shoot down asteroids. Doing so should reward you. That would change the mentality from "run away!" to "try not to die while you collect resources".

Regarding containers - in my experience ~75% of the time they are traps. HOWEVER

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