Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

It would be cool to have modules that let you avoid the negative effects of hazard zones. EM shields, antigravity, deflector screens etc. I'd like to spec my ships to use these zones for tactical advantage, but the cost in FTL delays and hull damage make it less attractive. I'd also love to see those asteroids provide obstructions and cover - heck, if those levels behaved like a classic game of Asteroids, with physics for the rocks when shot and shattered, then fights in those zones would be bonkers - and maneuverable ships could use them as cover and tractor beams/repulsor beams could shove them at enemies.

As I've played more, the game continues to be stable on my Moto X, but have run into that strange targeting bug with the shield drainer, where it gets stuck firing 30% or so off center, but fires as if it were still on target.

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