Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

I was playing more of my Nightingale challenge mode last night - getting close to beating Normal with just one Nightingale - and while tempted to buy another ship and play normally I started thinking about the maneuverability and thrust attributes of the different hulls. These basically do two main things right now - let you keep your strong point defense pointed at enemy missiles and fighters, and let you do the occasional bow chase on one of those annoying missile boats that stays way the hell away, though this is usually best handled with an FTL jump out, and them back in the system at optimum range on the escapee.

What I think I'd love to see was fixed-mount weapons that you can orient when you install them. They fire in straight lines along fixed paths, but they're much more powerful. Wave Motion Gun stuff at the high end. With blue and red booster modules for them, so you could have a capital with some kind of godawful axial cannon enhanced with booster modules, but... getting that thing pointed at the enemy is a trick, when your big ships turn like cows.

It would make for an interesting dynamic I think. And make those maneuvering characteristics a more significant part of your tactical planning.

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